Guest Appearances in Other Media


Occasionally, I am invited to write for other people’s blogs.

“Next Pope After Francis, i.e. Papabili 2014/2015.”

Anura Guruge is one of the best pope-predicters out there. He was one of the very few people who correctly foresaw that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio would be elected pope. I wrote a guest post for his blog in which I offer my own predictions for who the next pope after Francis may be…

“List od studenta (zamiast recenzji).”

It was my great privilege to write a guest post on the blog of Michał Oleszczyk, one of Poland’s best-known film critics, the director of the Gdynia Film Festival (Poland’s largest) and a sometime collaborator of the late Roger Ebert. In Polish.

“Remembering the People Power Revolution in the Philippines.” Peace and Change Blog

I wrote a guest post on the thirtieth anniversary of the People Power Revolution in the Philippines, in which the Philippine people, with the strong backing of the Catholic Church, successfully deposed the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.


I was invited to discuss the sacrament of reconciliation along with a priest and several other Catholic journalists in February 2014 in public Radio Kraków’s Catholic program, “Rozmowy o wierze” (“Talks about Faith”) broadcast each Sunday. In Polish.

While covering World Youth Day in Krakow, I was interviewed for Register Radio, a weekly half-hour show provided by the National Catholic Register and EWTN. The show airs on more than 300 EWTN AM and FM affiliates across the United States, as well as on SiriusXM Satellite Radio (channel 130) and on Sky (in Europe), and around the world on web stream.

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