Articles and Interviews in English

I have published many articles in English. Below you can access them.


“Grass and Ratzinger: Two Former POWs with Contrasting Beliefs and Postwar Trajectories.” January 12, 2022. Catholic World Report


“Falsehoods, Persecution, and Forgiveness.” December 22, 2022. The European Conservative

  • A review of Cardinal George Pell’s three-volume Prison Journal.

“Jailed Catholic Belarusian Human Rights Activist Receives Nobel Peace Prize.” December 13, 2022. Catholic World Report

“Ten Polish Scientists and Inventors Who Changed the World.” September 8, 2022. Notes from Poland

“John Paul I’s Charming and Wise Letters to Jesus, Dickens, Pinocchio, and Many More.” September 7, 2022. Catholic World Report

“Warsaw’s Mt 5:14 Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński.” August 13, 2022. Catholic World Report

“Ten Classic Polish Films You Can Now Watch Online for Free.” August 2, 2022. Notes from Poland

“Ten Catholic Scientists and Inventors Everyone Should Know.” July 21, 2022. Catholic World Report

“Polish Book Offers Insights into the Faith, Thought of Abp Sviatoslav Shevchuk.” July 7, 2022. Catholic World Report

“Pope St. John Paul II and Ukraine.” April 14, 2022. Catholic World Report

“Poland Opens Its Homes, Churches, and Hearts to Ukrainian Refugees.” March 16, 2022. Catholic World Report

“Are Poles Really Against Immigrants?” March 2, 2022. The Spectator

“Nine Polish Books You Must Read Before You Die.” February 7, 2022. Notes from Poland

“The Horrors of Communism and the Resilience of Faith in Albania.” January 12, 2022. Catholic World Report


“‘He’s Either a Saint or an Idiot’: The Remarkable Witness of Fr. Jan Franciszek Macha.” November 20, 2021. Catholic World Report

“Europe’s Most Unapologetically Christian, Conservative, and Pro-Family Nation.” September 11, 2021. Catholic World Report

“Eight Notable Priests of Slovakia.” September 9, 2021. Catholic World Report

“A Powerful Account of Hitler’s Effort to Destroy the Polish Catholic Church.” July 7, 2021. Catholic World Report. A review of the book: The Polish Catholic Church Under German Occupation: The Reichsgau Wartheland, 1939-1945 by Jonathan Huener, Indiana University Press, 2021, 374 pp.

The Forgotten Polish Priest Who Was One of the First Advocates for International Human Rights.” May 21, 2021. Notes from Poland

“Hans Kung’s Troubling Legacy of Disdain for Poland and St. John Paul II.” April 22, 2021. Catholic World Report

“How Might the Pandemic Affect Religious Practice? A Look at the Current Data.” April 20, 2021. Catholic World Report

“Shūsaku Endō’s Novel Sachiko Both Similar to Silence and Surprisingly Different.” January 27, 2021. Catholic World Report


The Logic and Danger of Pope Francis’ Approach to Selecting Cardinals.” December 1, 2020. Catholic World Report

Diversity at the Oscars.” October 5, 2020. First Things

Mr. Jones Is a Candid Cinematic Depiction of the Brutality of Communism.” September 7, 2020. Catholic World Report

“Polish Priest Who Preached Nonviolent Resistance and Rescued Jews Subject of New Biopic.” August 27, 2020. Notes from Poland

“Celebrating the Centennial of ‘The Miracle on the Vistula.'” August 14, 2020. Catholic World Report

“‘The Pope’s Robin Hood’: The Polish Cardinal Transforming the Vatican.” August 4, 2020. Notes from Poland

“The Truth about the Recent Presidential Election in Poland.” July 20, 2020. Catholic World Report

“Is Communism ‘Cool’?” July 16, 2020. The European Conservative. An interview with Humberto Fontova, a Cuban-American author of several excellent books on the Castro regime.

“Is a Re-Catholicization of Britain Underway?” July 14, 2020. Catholic World Report

“John Paul II Showed the Key to ‘Living Everyday Life in the Christian Way.'” May 18, 2020. National Catholic Register. An interview with Prof. Karol Tarnowski, a long-time friend of Pope John Paul II.

“Pope St. John Paul II and the Pandemic.” May 16, 2020. Catholic World Report

“Ten Great Works about the Life and Thought of Pope St. John Paul II.” May 12, 2020. Catholic World Report

“The Pandemic and Religious Revival.” April 20, 2020. First Things

“Poland’s Twelve: All the Country’s Oscar Nominees Reviewed.” February 7, 2020. Notes from Poland


The Two Popes Is Full of Serious Errors – and Several Surprises.” December 18, 2019. Catholic World Report

“King John III Sobieski: Catholic Statesman, Savior of Europe, Victim of Political Correctness.” December 16, 2019. Catholic World Report

“Faith, Science, and Evolution: A Conversation with Dr. Kenneth R. Miller.” November 19, 2019. Catholic World Report

“Poland’s Forgotten Nobel Winner Who Wrote ‘Animal Farm’ before Orwell.” October 24, 2019. Notes from Poland

“How Catholic Is Poland’s Law and Justice Party?” October 21, 2019. Catholic World Report

“Poland Polarized.” October 18, 2019. First Things

“World War II and the Witness of Three Future Popes.” September 9, 2019. Catholic World Report

“The Polish Heroes of World War II.” August 29, 2019. First Things

“Krakow’s Archbishop Jędraszewski under Fire for Remarks about ‘Rainbow Plague.'” August 16, 2019. Catholic World Report

“Holiness Amid the Holocaust: Franciscans Host Exhibit of Former Auschwitz Prisoner.” August 14, 2019. National Catholic Register

“Demise of the Faith in Poland after Abuse Scandal Is Greatly Exaggerated.” July 16, 2019.

“An Unusual, Complicated European Nation Seeks to Rediscover Its Christian Culture.” May 30, 2019. The Catholic World Report.

“Rwanda: Remembrance, Repentance, Reconciliation.” May 22, 2019. The Catholic Thing.

“The Solitary and Sacrificial Witness of Blessed Franz Jagerstatter.” May 21, 2019. Catholic World Report.

Dogma at 20: Revisiting Generation X’s Controversial Manifesto of Faith.” May 14, 2019. Catholic World Report.

“A Unique Credo and Affirmation of Faith by a Distinctive Mind.” March 11, 2019. Catholic World Report. A review of the book God through Binoculars: A Hitchhiker at a Monastery by Danusha Goska (Shanti Arts Publishing, 2018, 242 pp.).

“How Ronald Reagan Helped Poland Overthrow the Evil Empire.” January 11, 2019. The Federalist. A review of the book A Covert Action: Reagan, the CIA, and the Cold War Struggle in Poland by Seth G. Jones (W. W. Norton & Company, 2018, 320 pp.).

“Adoring Christ with Mary: Eucharistic Devotion and the Mother of God.” January 1, 2019. National Catholic Register.


“A Visit to Benedict’s Bavaria.” November 4, 2018. Catholic World Report

“Ukraine: Vocations Nation.” November 1, 2018. Catholic Herald

“Three Common Myths about Archbishop Oscar Romero.” October 13, 2018. Catholic World Report

“Pope Francis to Visit Baltic Republics, the Land of Europe’s Last Pagans.” September 21, 2018. Catholic World Report

“Poland’s Christian Migrants.” July 20, 2018. First Things

“Time to Preach to the Non-Converted on Abortion.” June 21, 2018. The Catholic Thing

“Two New Books Explore Pope St. John Paul II’s Moral Convictions, Intellectual Legacy.” June 18, 2018. Catholic World Report

“Polish Bishops’ Amoris Laetitia Guidelines Stress Discernment and Compassion, in Continuity with Church Doctrine.” June 12, 2018. Catholic World Report

“As Vote Approaches, Irish Pro-Lifers Fight to Save the Eighth.” May 21, 2018. Catholic World Report

“Hanna Chrzanowska’s ‘Blessed’ Witness to Charity.” April 27, 2018. National Catholic Register

“The Eagle and the Trident: Two European Nations That Need Each Other Might Be Torn Apart by Their Troubled Past.” March 21, 2018. Visegrad Insight

“Can Pope Francis Persuade the Irish to Choose Life?” March 14, 2020. Catholic World Report

“An Ill-Advised History Lesson.” March 1, 2018. Visegrad Insight

“Remembering St. John Paul II’s Controversial 1987 Pilgrimage to Chile.” January 14, 2018. Catholic World Report


“Poland Poised to Ban Eugenic Abortion.” December 27, 2017. Catholic World Report

“Hungary Backs the Secularist Trend.” December 7, 2017 Catholic Herald

“A Catholic Guide to Great Books and Films about Communism.” November 6, 2017. Catholic World Report

“Was Hitler a Christian, an Atheist, or Neither?” October 26, 2017.  A review of Richard Weikert’s book  Hitler’s Religion: The Twisted Beliefs That Drove the Third Reich. Regency Press, 352 pp.

“St. John Paul II’s Poland: Where He Lived and Grew in Holiness.” October 22, 2017. National Catholic Register

“Poland Prays: Hundreds of Thousands Participate in Rosary.” October 13, 2017. National Catholic Register

“New Archbishop of Lodz, Poland, Focuses on Traditional Spirituality, Re-Evangelization.” September 27, 2017. Catholic World Report

“One of the World’s Least Religious Countries Eyes Hosting World Youth Day.” August 22, 2017. Catholic World Report

“Stephen’s Hungary: Relics and Holy Beauty Befitting the King of Kings.” August 16, 2017. National Catholic Register

“Dachau Golgotha.” July 6, 2017. First Things. A review of Guillame Zeller’s book The Priest Barracks: Dachau 1938–1945Ignatius Press, 280 pp.

“What’s New for Cardinal Muller after Puzzling Dismissal from CDF?” July 3, 2017. Catholic World Report

“The Catholic Church and the Jews: What Is the True Story?” August 12, 2017. The Imaginative Conservative

“World Youth Day Krakow-One Year Later.” August 1, 2017. Catholic World Report

“Cardinal Sapieha: Foe of Nazis and Communists, Shepherd of a Young John Paul II.” May 14, 2017. National Catholic Register

“Our Lady of Zeitoun and Christianity in Egypt.” April 26, 2017. Catholic World Report

The Zookeeper’s Wife a Beautiful, Moving Portrayal of the Polish Underground During World War II.” April 20, 2017. Catholic World Report

“Walking the ‘Extreme Way of the Cross’ in Poland.” April 13, 2017. Catholic World Report

“This Holy Man Aided John Paul Aided John Paul II’s Vocation.” March 25, 2017. National Catholic Register

An article about Jan Tyranowski, a layman and mystic who played a key role in Pope St. John Paul II’s vocation. In 2017, Pope Francis declared him “Venerable,” meaning that one miracle is necessary for his beatification and two for his canonization.

“The Murdered Ulma Family’s Story is Bringing Catholics and Jews Together Today.” March 24, 2017. Catholic World Report

“Judging Religion by the Actions of Its Adherents.” March 7, 2017. Crisis Magazine

“Faith and Doubt in the Films of Martin Scorsese.” February 24, 2017 Catholic World Report

“A Surprising Choice for Krakow.” January 30, 2017. Catholic World Report


“Cardinal Dziwisz: Our Lady of Fatima Saved John Paul’s Life, Aided End of Communism.” December 14, 2016. National Catholic Register

“Young Catholics Campaign for a London World Youth Day.” December 1, 2016. Catholic World Report

“Catholics Wage Legal Battle for Life in Poland.” November 30, 2016. National Catholic Register

“Vatican Ostpolitik and the Death of Fidel Castro.” November 28, 2016. Crisis Magazine

“Solidarity and Dynamism.” November 28, 2016. Catholic World Report. A review of the book White Eagle, Black Madonna: One Thousand Years of the Polish Catholic Tradition by Robert E. Alvis, Fordham University Press, 368 pages.

“A Conversation with Eugene Megyesy on the Hungarian Revolution.” November 7, 2016. Visegrad Insight

“How St. John Paul II Changed the Church and the World.” October 22, 2016. Catholic World Report

“Pope Francis, New Cardinals, and European Bishops’ Leaders.” October 17, 2016. Catholic World Report

“Andrzej Wajda: Polish Cinema’s Critical Chronicler.October 13, 2016. Visegrad Insight

“Poland and Abortion: Facts and Falsehoods.”October 06, 2016. Catholic World Report

“WYD Shows Poland Can Help the West Rediscover Its Roots.” August 01, 2016. Catholic World Report

“World Youth Day Vocations Fair Offers Pilgrims Chance to Discern Their Call.” July 30, 2016. National Catholic Register

“Chemin Neuf and Taize among New Catholic Movements Present at WYD.” July 30, 2016. Catholic World Report

“The View from Latin America-In Krakow.”  July 29, 2016. Catholic World Report

“In Poland, Francis Shows Profound Respect for the Nation’s Christian History.” July 28, 2016. Catholic World Report

“During WYD, Krakow’s Jewish Community Pays Tribute to John Paul II.” July 27, 2016. Catholic World Report

“Australian Pilgrims in Krakow Credit WYD, St. John Paul II for Revival and Inspiration.”  July 27, 2016. Catholic World Report

“‘Krakow in the Capital’ Events Organized in U.S. for Those Unable to Attend World Youth Day.July 18, 2016. Catholic World Report

“The Volhynia Genocide and Polish-Ukrainian Reconciliation.July 13, 2016. Visegrad Insight

“Polish Bishop Hopes ‘Amazing Sign’ of Red Host Will Increase Eucharistic Devotion.” July 11, 2016. National Catholic Register

“America’s National Tribute to St. John Paul II.” July 10, 2016. National Catholic Register

“Reading Up on Krakow and Poland for WYD 2016.”  July 07, 2016. Catholic World Report

“In Vibrantly Catholic Poland, Growing Secularism Produces New Challenges.”  July 06, 2016. Catholic World Report

“Nine Polish Catholic Heroes You Need to Meet.” June 29, 2016. Catholic World Report

“Poland’s History Is a Story of Resilient Catholic Faith.” June 28, 2016. Catholic World Report

“What Comes Next After Brexit?” June 27, 2016. Crisis Magazine

“Pope Francis and the Armenian Church.” June 25, 2016. The Catholic Thing

“St. Albert Chmielowski: The Painter Who Became an Advocate for the Poor.” June 17, 2016. National Catholic Register

“How Saint John Paul II Conquered Communism.” June 16, 2016. Catholic World Report

This article was reprinted in the booklet attached to the North American DVD release of Krzysztof Zanussi’s film, Our God’s Brother.

“Giving Preference to Christian Migrants.” May 11, 2016. Crisis Magazine

“Courageous Leadership Is Needed to Reverse Secular Trends.” March 16, 2016. Crisis

“Pope Francis’ Moment to Teach.” February 10, 2016. The Catholic Thing

“How the EU Betrayed Its Christian Founding Principles.” January 27, 2016. Crisis Magazine

“The Scandal of Mother Teresa.” January 9, 2016. The Catholic Thing


“An Alternative to Terror.” December 17, 2015. First Things. A review of the book Seeking Freedom and Justice for Hungary by Valerie Mike, Hamilton Books, 350 pp.

A Review of the BookThe Polish Underground and the Jews, 1939-1945, by Joshua D. Zimmerman, Oxford University Press. December 2, 2015. Visegrad Insight

“Beatified Chimbote Martyrs.” November 23, 2015. National Catholic Register

“European Reconciliation.” November 18, 2015. First Things

“A St. John Paul II Pilgrimage.” October 22, 2015. National Catholic Register

A discussion of important Catholic sites in Krakow in relation to George Weigel’s book City of Saints: A Pilgrimage to John Paul II’s Krakow (co-authored by Carrie Gress and Stephen White).

“Poland’s Presidential Election and the Future of Catholicism.” October 14, 2015. Crisis Magazine

“Finding Fatima in the Dakotas.” October 13, 2015. National Catholic Register

“Remembering Polish Catholic Heroes of WWII.” September 2,2015. Crisis Magazine

“Witness to Martyrs.” August 24, 2015. National Catholic Register

My reporting from Rome on St. Bartholomew’s Basilica on the Tiber Island.

“The Polish Underground and the Jews: Solidarity, Betrayal and Everything in Between.” August 6, 2015. Visegrad Insight

“Archbishop Romero and Liberation Theology.” May 17, 2015. National Catholic Register

“The Hero of Hungary.” May 6, 2015. First Things

My text about the heroic primate of Hungary, Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, on the fortieth anniversary of his death.

“Guenter Grass: The Voice of Reconciliation.” May 6, 2015. Visegrad Insight

“When We Cared.” April 24, 2015. First Things

An article about the great solidarity that American and European Christians and Jews showed the Armenians during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1917.

“A Great Rabbi Passes.” April 22, 2015. The Catholic Thing

Interview with Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, current archbishop of Kraków (since 2005) and secretary of Pope St. John Paul II of 39 years. April 2, 2015. National Catholic Register

“Tibetan Uprising Day: Visegrad Should Become an Advocate for Tibetan Freedom.” March 10, 2015. Visegrad Insight

“Vatican Boldness Needed in Belarus.” March 13, 2015. The Catholic Thing

“Poland’s Controversial Oscar: Is Ida Really Anti-Polish and Anti-Semitic?” February 24, 2015. Visegrad Insight, reprinted in Eurozine

“Understanding JPII and Oscar Romero.” February 5, 2015. The Catholic Thing


“A Catholic Revival in Northern Europe.” November 29, 2014. The Catholic Thing

Interview with Prof. Antony Polonsky, the world’s foremost expert on Polish-Jewish history. November 7, 2014. Visegrad Insight

“In Belgium, Two Types of Bishops.” October 30, 2014. First Things

Interview with Dr. Halina Grzecznarowska-Szpilman, widow of Władysław Szpilman. Visegrad Insight

Part I: October 17, 2014.

Part II: October 24, 2014.

“Do Poland’s Righteous Gentiles Deserve a Monument?” September 22, 2014. Visegrad Insight

“The Statute of Kalisz’s Great Legacy.” September 8, 2014. First Things

“Cardinal Muller: A Great Catholic Leader.” August 31, 2014. The Catholic Thing

“The V4’s Greatest Existential Threat: Demographic Decline and an Ageing Population.” August 5, 2014. Visegrad Insight

“Wilm Hosenfeld: Warsaw’s Quiet Resister.” August 1, 2014. First Things

“Is Spain Regaining Its Faith?” June 11, 2014. First Things

“Euroscepticism and the Emergence of East-Central Europe’s Far-Right.” May 27, 2014. Visegrad Insight

“The Canonization of Karol Wojtyła, a Son of the Jagiellonian Poland.” April 26, 2014. Visegrad Insight

“Lukewarm Appreciation for Viktor Orban’s Government.” April 9, 2014. Visegrad Insight

“The Controversial Case of Ryszard Kukliński: He Betrayed His State, But Not His Nation?” March 26, 2014. Visegrad Insight

“My Father Was a Famous Polish Writer.” Interview with my friend Matthew Tyrmand, son of Leopold Tyrmand. February 18, 2014. New Eastern Europe

“Pius Against the Oppressors.”  February 10, 2014. First Things

“The Romanians Don’t Fit into Any of Europe’s Tribes: An Interview with Famed Romanian-American Poet Andrei Codrescu.”  January 31, 2014. New Eastern Europe

“Eastern Europe’s Christian Reawakening.” January 17, 2014. First Things

“Time for a Lutheran Ordinariate?” January 7, 2014. 5he Catholic Thing


“An Igbo from Lodz.” November 19, 2013. Interview with John Godson, the first Black member of Poland’s Parliament. New Eastern Europe

“From North African Communist to Bold Friend of Hungary.” November 6, 2013. New Eastern Europe

“The Canonisation of Pope John XXIII and the Fall of Communism.” October 3, 2013. New Eastern Europe

“Interviewing Gary Krupp on the Pope and the Jews.” September 18, 2013. First Things

“Hungary’s Government: Imperfect, But Not Undemocratic.” September 12, 2013. New Eastern Europe

“Averting a Demographic Nightmare in Russia and Eastern Europe.” June 2, 2013. New Eastern Europe

“The Priest Who Stood Up to the Mafia.” May 24, 2013. First Things

“Margaret Thatcher and the Collapse of Communism.” April 10, 2013. New Eastern Europe

“Oscar Romero’s Exaggerating Critics.” March 7, 2013. First Things

“Interview with Tomasz Pompowski on Pope John Paul II.February 25, 2013. First Things


“Poland’s American Presidents.” August 3, 2012. New Eastern Europe

“Interview with Paul Hensler on Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko.” November 28, 2012. First Things

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